7 January 2012

This week I covet...

The Klaia ring by Odette New York!!!

Ok, could this be my perfect ring? I am in love. In line with my new year's resolution to collect more finger bling, this is on my "buy urgently" list. Introducing the Klaia ring by Odette New York which is carved in the shape of an open mountain peak, by hand from wax and cast in recycled sterling silver. Mountains are my playground. I love the feeling of camping in a remote corrie high up in the hills. I love how Odette have so effortlessly managed to incorporate this into their simple, but very striking designs.

Their other jewellery is equally special. Other winners include the Blade ring (photo 1) from their Minerva Divinus collection and the Arrow Cuff bracelets from their Athene Divinus collection, both available in sterling silver or brass.

photos via Odette New York website


  1. Beautiful ring!


  2. Love that ring! So perfectly simple.

    Gina Michele
    Crochet Clouds

  3. I love this ring along with everything from the website. Putting this on my wishlist now.