31 December 2011

Flowers in her hair


Just came across these gorgeous photos and I'm yearning for 60s style locks! Being stuck in the depths of an Irish winter, I am getting tired of wearing hats and gloves and scarves! Bring on the spring when we can arrange pretty daisies and plaits in our hair, without fear of it being ruined by a woolly hat.

photos by Daniel Gurton via fashiongonerogue

29 December 2011

Queen of the Road

Very excited about this shoot by Jason Lee Parry for Oyster magazine. The styling is smokin' hot. Lace up cuban heeled boots, denim shirt, arid scenery. The full package evokes a fabulous sense of freedom. Love, love love! Also, get me into that car please.

via fashiongonerogue

26 December 2011

High + Low

 Hope everyone is enjoying the festive season! I am spending Christmas in Co. Donegal with my family at a beautiful 15th century castle, eating, drinking and being pampered. Christmas day provided the perfect excuse to wear my new high low dress from Topshop. I am totally in love with this dress especially when it floats behind me as I walk! 

I am without a decent camera over the hols so please excuse the terrible quality i-phone photos, exacerbated by romantically lit rooms!

High Low Dress - Topshop
Jacket - Armstrong's Vintage, Edinburgh
Necklace - All Saints
Shoes - Buffalo
Bracelet - Forever 21
Dress - Free People

21 December 2011

Cosy Crochet

Every year I underestimate how long it takes me to get organised for Christmas. Tonight is the first in ages where I feel like I can breathe easy again, all my gifts are bought/made and wrapped and I nabbed a fab new dress to wear over the hols! Outfit to post to come on that later in the month. 

These pics are of a wonderful crocheted shawl which was passed down to me from my boyfriend's lovely Mum. Her granny made it for her and I am so delighted to have inherited it! It's so cool owning a piece of clothing that has a special history. I'm wearing it all the time these days, throwing it over sweaters, dresses and coats.

Sweater, Free People
Necklace, Spell
Leggings, American Apparel
Top, Metalicus
Boots, All Saints

10 December 2011

Fallen Angels

Beautiful shoot from Vogue China, December 2011. It encapsulates all my favourites - sheer, lace and feathers. Makes me want to spend my Saturday draping myself with sheer fabrics and floating around like a fairy!

via fashiongonerogue.

3 December 2011

A penny for your thoughts...

This is what heather + thyme is all about. Escapism + Inspiration. 

I first saw this incredible shoot on Gypsy River's blog. It provided the perfect antidote to my Monday morning blues and for a few magical moments while having my breakfast, I was transported to an enchanting carefree meadow filled with mountains of gypsy inspired jewellery, beautifully tailored velvet and open stitched wool (and the funkiest fringe cut I've ever seen).

Thank you Gypsy River, Foam Magazine and Harper Smith.

photos via fashiongonerogue, from Foam Magazine, shot by Harper Smith

29 November 2011

The Man in the Moon

 I was talking with my Mum about the moon last night and she told me how, as a child, she was convinced that she could see people on the moon. Whenever she was walking home in the dark from a friend's house when she was young and she felt scared, she used to concentrate really hard on the moon and eventually, she would see people's faces on it. This would make her feel safe. I tend to do the same with stars.

I was enthralled by the full moon last week and it reminded me of the beautiful night skies I've been lucky enough to have seen on my travels. These photos are a little mixed bag of the moon and stars as seen from Australia and Morocco. They evoke some lovely memories.

photos by mark.

26 November 2011

Fading Light

Beautiful shoot by Nikolai de Vera of Celestine Rioux. The white lace dress is divine. I think the burnt orange sweater is by Free People - I bought a similar one in green recently. I love the lazy and relaxed vibe.

via fashiongonerogue