4 January 2012

Deer Oh Deer

Picked up this stag head sweater in Topshop last year, but I always forget about it! I was packing my bags to go home for Christmas this year and I found it rolled up in the back of a drawer. Time to resurrect it I think. A solid staple for the winter months. It got cold enough last week to break out my Coal fleece-lined slouchy beanie making for a very cosy head. The bobble is cute overload.

Boots - All Saints
Latex leggings - Kova + T
T-shirt - Buddhist Punk
Bobble beanie - Coal
Sweater - Topshop
Ring - a Provencal market
Belt - Topshop


  1. Fabulous boots
    Love the Blondie tee!!

  2. love your all saints bootsm they are amazing. and the sweater is cute, too. also love your hairdo and your fringe here xxx