7 January 2012

Pot of Gold

While I was at home over Christmas, I was playing dress up with my Mum's jewellery and I came across these beautiful cuffs and a charm bracelet, all of which she received as gifts for her 21st birthday (36 years ago). Some of them are even inscribed. I remember I used to wear them around the house when I was little. My mum doesn't wear them anymore so she has passed them on to me. I am so excited about this.
 I LOVE owning things that have a history, especially from within our family. They need to be cleaned and the clasps need to be fixed but apart from that they are just perfect. 

My favourite is the charm bracelet. If you look closely you can see all the various charms that my Mum collected over the years and each one has a story behind it. I LOVE that and I want to know each one. I can't wait to add my own charms. Does anyone know a good place to pick up gold charms?


  1. the cuffs and the bracelet are really pretty! nice to have something with a history behind, especially if it's such a personal one! For golden charms, just check out etsy :)

  2. good call on etsy! i'll have a browse. xxx