29 April 2012

The slow burner

Just received my One Teaspoon Eagle Shadow bikini in the post. When I first saw it on the Nastygal website, I was not a fan. Yet, I couldn't stop thinking about it. That's usually a good sign that I will end up buying it. When I saw it appear on Little Navajo's blog, I was sold (she bought it in grey and painted in black with fabric paint, with impressive results). Of course, by that stage, it had sold out everywhere. When Nastygal put a notice on their facebook page that they had it back in stock, I bought it immediately. So glad I did, as it's sold out again. However, my sources inform me that later in the year, it will be available in blue! I may have to purchase again.

24 April 2012


Took a little trip to Loch Lomond with the bf back in March. Being Scotland, and being Loch Lomond, it rained the whole weekend but the mist only added to the mystical magic of this place. I was obviously too lazy to actually pack anything warm or in any way appropriate for such weather, so I spent all weekend in the bf's t-shirts and sweaters. Felt incredibly liberating. Most of his sweaters have now been transferred to my wardrobe.

blue sweater/french connection menswear
jeans/all saints
boots/all saints

6 April 2012

Pale + interesting

The title says it all.

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