31 January 2012

Crazy Cat

Yeeaah! The bf delivered this birthday! With Spell's insanely beautiful Caspian Tiger Kimono. I'll tell you one thing, it took outrageous self-restraint on my part to wait until my birthday to tear open the package from Spell which arrived a week before! I was so excited with it that I wore it ALL weekend non-stop. Yes, I realise it's the middle of January, and yes, that it's possibly the coldest week of this winter, but I couldn't help myself. Wore it to a dance class, to dinner with my folks, to drinks with friends, to dinner with bf's folks, to lunch... It pained me to hang it up on Sunday evening.

Can't wait to rock this baby on hols in Ibiza in April with short shorts, bikinis and warrior boots. 

As a birthday treat to myself I bought the Klaia ring from Odette New York. Also wearing this incessantly. Reminds me of climbing mountains.

Kimono/Spell, Jeans/Siwy, Ring/Odette New York, Booties/Topshop


  1. absolutely love that kimono, hun. it matches with your hair so nicely and hangs beautifully. happy late bday! xx

  2. Um I love this, all of it. Seriously LOVE. I knew that kimono was spell the second my browser loaded the pic! You have awesome self restraint. I probably couldn't have waited lol. Happy (late) birthday !!!