26 August 2011

Leather, Feathers + Turquoise...

A picnic by the sea on the stunning Achill Island with my gorgeous Spell necklace. Bubbles, the sound of the ocean, fine golden sand, an Avoca rug, feathers, leather, turquoise, my beautiful boyfriend and a camera. And sometimes a sheepy visitor.

All these photos were taken by Mark.

25 August 2011


I love our little apartment. I love to fill it with all things beautiful, whether furniture, lanterns, books, flowers, photos or food! My perfect Sunday morning involves a trip to the Dublin Brocante and finding a lonely piece of furniture in need of a home. Before we leave, we always enjoy a homemade pizza and a glass of lemonade. I normally can't leave without also buying a pair of vintage earrings or a necklace. Then it's off to the paintshop and out with the paintbrushes and sander when we get home. By the end of the day, we have a lovingly restored new addition to our collection.

Wild Horses

There is nothing more romantic than the rugged countryside, horses, your best dress and a pair of wellies on a windy day. Mark took these photos when we went for a lovely walk near a beachside thatched cottage in Galway which we rented with my parents for a long weekend. 

Sheer bliss.