29 November 2011

The Man in the Moon

 I was talking with my Mum about the moon last night and she told me how, as a child, she was convinced that she could see people on the moon. Whenever she was walking home in the dark from a friend's house when she was young and she felt scared, she used to concentrate really hard on the moon and eventually, she would see people's faces on it. This would make her feel safe. I tend to do the same with stars.

I was enthralled by the full moon last week and it reminded me of the beautiful night skies I've been lucky enough to have seen on my travels. These photos are a little mixed bag of the moon and stars as seen from Australia and Morocco. They evoke some lovely memories.

photos by mark.

26 November 2011

Fading Light

Beautiful shoot by Nikolai de Vera of Celestine Rioux. The white lace dress is divine. I think the burnt orange sweater is by Free People - I bought a similar one in green recently. I love the lazy and relaxed vibe.

via fashiongonerogue

21 November 2011

Fringe Benefits

I'm so excited about finally owning this fringed suede bag. I spied it in Topshop LAST YEAR and I fell in love with it. I couldn't justify splashing out on it at the time though as I had just bought a new bag. I thought maybe I would pick it up later in the sales, but it disappeared very quickly and I was gutted that I didn't splurge when I first saw it. I searched in vain for it on ebay for months and I had almost, ALMOST, gotten over it, but for some reason, it popped into my head again a few weeks ago. I decided I would have one more look on ebay and if it wasn't there, I vowed to let it go. 

Guess what? I found it. In an even better colour too! The version I originally saw in Topshop was black but I love this colour more. There were loads of bidders but I stubbornly won the auction and actually got it for cheaper than it was in the shop. Woohoo! I've been wearing it incessantly since it arrived in the post. 

Bag - Topshop
Slip dress - Metalicus
Shirt - BDG
Boots - All Saints
Tights - Topshop
Belt - Topshop
Necklace - Brocante Market in Dublin 
Bracelet - Market in Nepal

photos by Mark

19 November 2011

On a High

When it came to the Isabel Marant High Tops, I must admit, I was torn. I am very loyal to my Ash Seal Virgin Leather High Tops (mind you, they are a fraction of the price of their Marant counterpart) and so, at first I was sceptical. But then I see Mandy Shadforth (aka Oracle Fox) rocking her pair at the Laundromat and on the beach and my mind is immediately made up.

So, after much indecision, I've decided that I love them. I want them. Really though, what's not to love? Sneakers - tick. Suede - tick. In-built wedge - a clever leg lengthening bonus - tick. Velcro straps - tick. Even if I could afford them, they're sold out. I'm not complaining though - I remain loyal to my buckled leather friends by Ash.

Photos via Oracle Fox

13 November 2011

Russian Winter

This shoot by Mariano Vivanco for the November issue of Vogue Russia is my inspiration for my winter wardrobe (substitute faux fur!) I love how the model, Maryna Linchuk, has been draped in heavy duty fur, flowing maxis, scarves + jewels. I used to have a Russian hat like the one in the first shot when I was about fourteen + I loved it and wore it incessantly for three winters until I lost it. However, it's the paisley, peasant prints that steal the show for me in this shoot. Also, the belt in the last shot? I need to find something similar.

On the subject of fur though, I just can't bring myself to wear the real thing. My granny had the most incredible full length fur coat and although she passed away nearly 17 years ago, it still hangs in her wardrobe. I've tried it on and it looks amazing, but I know I will never wear it. It's faux fur all the way for me!

Photos by Mariano Vivanco via fashiongonerogue

11 November 2011

The Den

Favourite shots from Our Den

fabric from an indian skirt I love
jewellery, candles + spare buttons jar
my lazy attempt at art 
pantone tins 
mirrors from morocco
bowls + photos from my travels
behind the scenes vogue location shot in the himalaya
leopard candle from south africa + feather from vintage shop in edinburgh + candlesticks from morocco
string + wooden pegs + favourite pics

8 November 2011

The Meaning of Inspiration

My principal reason for blogging is because I love being inspired. That is what fashion means to me.

I came across these special shots on a recent visit to Anthropologie in Edinburgh, where they were being exhibited. They are the work of a Scottish photographer, David Eustace and the product of a road trip he took with his daughter from California to Texas.

In the store, I spent about twenty minutes staring at them and whenever I wandered off to browse the clothing rails or the beautiful distressed furniture, I found myself drawn back to these images. 

To me, these images define inspiration. I look at them and I immediately feel happy and free. I want to go dance in the rain, play my guitar by a river, take a long explorative road trip and not wear any make-up.

Photos via The Anthropologist.

6 November 2011

Years + Years

It's such a lovely bright sunny day here in Dublin which doesn't happen very often, especially at this time of year. When the sun shines here my living room is resplendent with light and it makes me want to take photos of everything around me. So, that's how I spent my morning and I have some lovely shots to share with you soon. 
Today, I'm wearing one of my favourite dresses. I've had it for years and years and I still love it and probably wear it far too much. It has many rips and tears and missing buttons and clasps, but I love it to death and somehow it manages to hold itself together!

Dress - Kimchi & Blue
Slip - Free People
Cuff - Market in Nepal
Bracelet - Forever 21
Necklace - Market in Sydney