27 September 2011

Moroccan Tea Party

Mmmmm... I can smell the spices just thinking about my little trip to Morocco. Marrakech is quite possibly my most favourite city ever. I love being awoken by the call to prayer just as the sun comes up and smelling the mint tea brewing in the riad courtyard... the perfect start to a hectic day spent in the stifling souks negotiating a good price for teapots, spice jars, lanterns, cushions, tagines. Although I can attempt to re-create the atmosphere of a Moroccan tea party in my garden in Dublin city centre, it could never come close to sitting in the cool courtyard of a decadantly furnished riad within the crumbling red walls of Marrakech.

Sandals by Matt Bernson
T-shirt by BDG
Necklace by Topshop
Straw bag bought at a Marrakech stall

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