3 November 2011

Sweet Dreams

I love bed time. I'm in my element when I'm curled up in bed with a cup of lemon and ginger tea and a good book. I've been known to spend hours online sourcing soft furnishings and quality linen to adorn my bed. When I buy new bedlinen, I can't help but sneak into bed early and feel the softness of a new quilt on my skin and cosy up for the evening! Vintage bedlinen is my latest weakness. Vintage and retro prints are so much prettier than their contemporary counterparts. The shots above are of some of my recent Etsy purchases. I just love the simplicity of the floral duvet cover and the intricate crochet work on the pillow case is so unique.


  1. really lovely purchases! cocooning with a good read is the best to do on a sunday :)

    love your blog a lot!

  2. thanks viviane! love your blog too! xxx