8 November 2011

The Meaning of Inspiration

My principal reason for blogging is because I love being inspired. That is what fashion means to me.

I came across these special shots on a recent visit to Anthropologie in Edinburgh, where they were being exhibited. They are the work of a Scottish photographer, David Eustace and the product of a road trip he took with his daughter from California to Texas.

In the store, I spent about twenty minutes staring at them and whenever I wandered off to browse the clothing rails or the beautiful distressed furniture, I found myself drawn back to these images. 

To me, these images define inspiration. I look at them and I immediately feel happy and free. I want to go dance in the rain, play my guitar by a river, take a long explorative road trip and not wear any make-up.

Photos via The Anthropologist.

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  1. that road trip sounds fantastic and I love those pics.