19 November 2011

On a High

When it came to the Isabel Marant High Tops, I must admit, I was torn. I am very loyal to my Ash Seal Virgin Leather High Tops (mind you, they are a fraction of the price of their Marant counterpart) and so, at first I was sceptical. But then I see Mandy Shadforth (aka Oracle Fox) rocking her pair at the Laundromat and on the beach and my mind is immediately made up.

So, after much indecision, I've decided that I love them. I want them. Really though, what's not to love? Sneakers - tick. Suede - tick. In-built wedge - a clever leg lengthening bonus - tick. Velcro straps - tick. Even if I could afford them, they're sold out. I'm not complaining though - I remain loyal to my buckled leather friends by Ash.

Photos via Oracle Fox

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