30 September 2011

The Pin-Up


Mrs. Hince, Ms. Moss. Mrs. Hince will always be Ms. Moss, the pin-up. No matter how hard I try not to take frantic mental notes of every single outfit she wears, I just can't stop myself. She just nails it every time. I automatically find myself drawn to every item she wears or something very similar. I have absolutely no control over this pervasive influence on my style!

My absolutely favourite photo shoot is Testino's Hope and Glory from Vogue October 2008. The eclectic mix of motorcyle leathers, army surplus, chains, mesh, feathers, feminine scarves and heavily embellished gowns is exquisite.

I love it so much that I recently bought another copy of the issue on ebay (as I couldn't bear to tear up my own copy!), ripped out the pages and made a collage of my favourite images. It takes pride of place in my guest room.


  1. she's so stunning and my fave icon / pin up, too!
    mr. hince is cool and hot, too ... saw him with the kills and I can totally understand why kate loves him :D

  2. Oh yes this my favourite shoot too.......
    I would Love to buy copies of these prints to frame....
    thanks for following my blog too.