21 December 2011

Cosy Crochet

Every year I underestimate how long it takes me to get organised for Christmas. Tonight is the first in ages where I feel like I can breathe easy again, all my gifts are bought/made and wrapped and I nabbed a fab new dress to wear over the hols! Outfit to post to come on that later in the month. 

These pics are of a wonderful crocheted shawl which was passed down to me from my boyfriend's lovely Mum. Her granny made it for her and I am so delighted to have inherited it! It's so cool owning a piece of clothing that has a special history. I'm wearing it all the time these days, throwing it over sweaters, dresses and coats.

Sweater, Free People
Necklace, Spell
Leggings, American Apparel
Top, Metalicus
Boots, All Saints