22 October 2011

Ribbon + Kite

When I was in college, I always thought it would be totally romantic to meet a cute boy and go fly a kite on the beach. Ten years later, the man of my dreams and I decided we would do this. But rather than buying a kite, we thought it would be much more fun to design and construct our own kite. So, for two weeks, we discussed the design and gathered the necessary components - bamboo sticks, colourful crepe paper, fishing line... For Mark, this was a serious engineering project to satisfy his nerdy tendencies. For me however, it was an opportunity to hunt down some pretty in Dublin town. And so, I spent hours in A.Rubanesque in the Powerscourt Centre (a passementerie boutique no less) indulging in beautiful ribbons. I could have bought the whole shop but eventually settled on three metres of blue, green and spotty ribbons and a packet of luggage tags (totally unconnected with the kite, I just love to wrap presents and make them look lovely!). We spent a week constructing our kite, painting it, fine tuning it until we finally felt it was ready for its big day.

On a sunny Sunday morning, we took the bikes out and cycled to the beach. I was beyond excited. The wind was very calm but we went for it anyway. I think the photos tell the rest of this story...

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